There’s no significant moral here. Except that if you’re feeling this way, too, you need some time off and some support and some help. Because you are probably like me, you are probably terrible at taking any of those and have already come up with ten reasons why it’s not…

oslo, february 2020

What’s the point of writing an end of year list? Like what matters about the calendar ticking over, a decimal changing at the end of the date in dismal acknowledgement that another twelve months have slunk by like a guilty flatmate coming in from a one night stand with your…

we regret to inform you that it is October

this is actually just my cat getting stonkingly high but it felt relatable; who amongst us is not a small creature, wrecked, in a foetal position on the floor?

I like to think I am quite well-prepared for chaos. I have an alarmingly chill reaction to disaster and can take events that might completely ruin someone else’s year in my stride as almost absentmindedly casual.

It’s a mixed blessing because…

Yes, he’s a twenty year old Formula One driver but they’ll only spend it on Question Time otherwise

If you’re not into motorsport — and frankly, who is these days — then you may not have heard of Lando Norris. If you know anyone who’s into motorsport, even if you’re not, you probably have, though. …

Hazel Southwell

Professional motorsport journalist who puts things here when I know nowhere will really take them but think they need writing.

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