• bob stanley

    bob stanley

    Used to sell eggs on Surrey Street market. Author of Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop. Currently writing two books for Faber & Faber.

  • Lola Down

    Lola Down

    Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

  • Margaret Corvid

    Margaret Corvid

    journalist, dominatrix. columnist, @newstatesman. writes all over the shop. socialist, feminist. squawks @mistress_magpie

  • Jordan Garland

    Jordan Garland

    The world's foremost Spec Ops: The Line apologist. The internet calls me 'trash Media' and an imbecile. NowGamer & games™.

  • Sophie Warnes

    Sophie Warnes

    Data nerd and journalist— has probably worked at your fave UK paper. Unrepentant feminist. Likes: Asking irritating questions. Hates: Writing bios, pandas.

  • Cara Ellison

    Cara Ellison

    Videogame producer, writer. Critic at The Guardian; Rock, Paper, Shotgun; PC Gamer; Eurogamer; Kotaku; New Statesman; Unwinnable. Blog: hardconsonant.com

  • Neurodivergers


    Advocvate for cognitive accessibility in tabletop and videogames. Studying Media & Culture at Utrecht University. He/him pronouns.

  • charlotte geater

    charlotte geater


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